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Emily Koroi; Residential Aged Care Facility Manager
“ Your services are a great help to our residents, helping them settle in and adjust, the GroupLinks National counsellor gets to the crux of the problem about how the residents can be helped”

Manager Northern Beaches Aged Care Facility
“After we ran an 8 week Wellness Group Program last year, we are running one again this year as it was so successful last year”

Staff member at Residential Aged Care Facility in Northbridge
“Thank you for your education session, it has really helped me to understand residents who are grieving and to know what to say to them, I have always struggled with this before”

Resident in a Low Care Residential facility in Killara
“I look forward to our special time together each week and enjoy the support it has given me, knowing I am not the only one who feels like this”


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