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Who can benefit from these services
Adjustment to lifestyle changes can affect the whole family.
If your loved one or your family are having:
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  • Difficulty adjusting to lifestyle change and or declining
  • Isolation and risk of depression.
  • Depression and other mood disorders.
  • Anxiety and stress disorders.
  • Difficulty coping with chronic illness.
  • Complicated bereavement.
  • New diagnosis of an illness.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Family conflict.
A comprehensive Assessment is undertaken on referral in order to recommend appropriate interventions.

group work

A range of structured Therapeautic Small Group sessions are offered by GroupLinks National.
These are provided each week on an ongoing basis, with specialised groups running from time to time, tailored to the current needs of residents. These are an effective way of responding to the socialization and mental health needs of residents in a safe environment with a trained and experienced Groupwork facilitator.

Residents referred are pre-assessed individually for suitability.

individual counselling for residents and families
The following Focussed Psychological Strategies may be utitlised during individual counselling:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy | Interpersonal Therapy | Psycho-education | Motivational Interviewing Narrative Therapy | Relaxation Strategies

Skills Training including managing stress and managing emotions

Staff Education
Further details can be provided on request. Talk to us about new education topics.


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